Muddy HP Printing

Hey Randall,
Thanks for thinking of me.  My experience with trouble shooting printer issues is limited.  My advise is to contact HP customer support.  Muddy prints are usually issues with the actually printer itself.  If the printer is under warranty then I would let them replace it or try to fix it.  If it is not then a new printer might be your best bet.  You can find some good printers for great prices.  It’s the ink that gets costly.
Thank you.
Ian Hatch


Hi Ian,
How are you?

Are you any good at trouble shooting computer to printer issues?  I have an HP printer.  My photos are not printing as they appear on my screen.  Have tried to find out if the two machines are in conflict………Not sure.  In any case the prints are not satisfactory. Kind of muddy.   Any advice?  I would gladly hire you to trouble shoot it here in my office if you thought you could figure it out.