Search Engine Optimization


Hey…quick question. I am wondering the trick of these search engine games. I have read about how you use tag words, etc. to have your website come up on google with more frequency, but I don’t really understand what to do. Can you give me a quick 101 about how I would go about popping up on google more than the bigger companies do.


Search Engine Optimization is a never ending game.  But if you don’t start the game properly you could waste a lot of time and money.  Knowing what keywords to focus on is the first and most important step.  After that first step there are hundreds of things you can do to help your website index with google and the others…most of which will cost money.

Showing up more than the bigger companies do can be complicated, since they most likely have more money than you.  However, there is always a way to take nibbles of the market share for highly relevant and targeted keywords for your specific niche.  It’s all about the niche keywords.

Hope that helped a little.


Blog? How can a blog help my business?

You shouldn’t be asking yourself how a blog can help your business but more importantly when you will be launching a blog for your business. We talk to many people who can’t seem to understand the value of a blog for their business which I find just fascinating. If you are going to be serious about driving an online business you will have to be serious about incorporating every aspect of online marketing into your strategy, including blog marketing.

One thing you have to realize is that a blog is more than just a journal, it is a communication tool between your company and the outside world. There are many different ways you can really optimize the use of your blog posts to drive in new traffic and create much needed business for yourself. By simply incorporating keywords into your blog posts you can quickly see your blog posts ranking for many different targeted keywords. It is important to always write blog posts for humans but there should always be elements of blog marketing and search engine optimization in all your posts. A blog can be used in many ways to pull new traffic and business in. You could use it as a how to guide, new products or simply just a way to give your audience any new information on your industry or your business.

Make sure your blog are interesting and inviting. Cater your blog so that you stand out from your audience a bit. Blogs don’t have rules, it is OK to go against the grain and put anything you want in them.

Don’t forget to promote your blog on all of your Social Media Marketing Networks. Remember you are using the social networking sites to bring new traffic to your website. Not the other way around!